lead-coffin-2LEAD COFFIN (SP) – Grind/Punk

Lead coffin is a spanish grind-punk band formed in 2014. Ever since, they´ve recorded 4 Ep´s and one LP : “Aquí mueren los chivatos”(2015), a three songs split with the spanish band Rencor (2016), “Contra el eje del mal” (2016), “Donde las garrapatas reclaman su tributo” (2017) and the compilation LP “En ataud de plomo” (2018), including a remix of the first demo songs, as well as the rest of the EPs. Now the band is recording a new EP with lyrics based in the work of Spanish poet Gloria Fuertes.

The EP´s deal with a variety of topics like the 80s Spanish crime movies (Aquí mueren los chivatos), recently deceased Spanish prominent people (with Rencor), and political, musical and religious situation in Spain (Contra el eje del mal).

With different musical influences between their members, their music consists on a grind-punk blending, with two well differentiated vocal styles  (Juan, lead vocals and Gzú, bass and lead vocals). Rest of band members are Migue (Guitar) and Longo (drums).



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