BRUTAL SPHINCTER (BE) – POOlitical Goregrind


Brutal Sphincter is a “POOlitical” goregrind band mainly based in liège (Belgium) since 2012-2013. Through our latest release called “AnalHu Akbar”, we are approaching political, cultural and society facts with an off-beat humor. This album is melting a modern approach of goregrind with a good blend of old school goregrind. With this album Brutal Sphincter are turning a new page and try to bring political, society / cultural / traditionnal facts for the first time into GoreGrind. Let’s clarifiy some stuffs, we are against : ultra nationalism, racism, ultra communism, sexism, ultra feminism (SJW, etc), unique way of thinking, radical islamism (or any other religions), etc. To be clear, Brutal Sphincter is against all forms of extremism!” Highly recommended for fans of : Rectal Smegma, Ahumado Granujo, Gut, Nuclear Vomit and SPASM!

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