BIOLENCE (PT) – Old School Thrash/Death Metal

Biolence is a Thrash/Death Metal band from Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal whose main music influence relies on the late 80’s and early 90´s metal scene.

 Founded in 1998 by César C., Dani D. and Pedro S., they soon began working in their first Demo with their homonym name “Biolence”, which took place in 2004 between several live shows.

 Due to significant changes in band’s structure and sounding through the years, only in 2010 Biolence was able to record their first EP called “Melodic Thrashing Mayhem” and spread the word through the world.

 In 2015, after spending some years searching for a permanent drummer, Afonso R. (Pitch Black, Meu General, Gates of Hell) joined César C. – Vocals/Guitar (Unfleshed); David P. – Guitar (Unfleshed, Ex. Agonizing Terror) and Marco S. – Bass (Pitch Black, Dementia 13) to create and produce the first album “Violent Non Conformity” which was released in September 2017 through Firecum Records.

 In 2018, for the 20th anniversary, the second album “Violent Exhumation” was recorded and released in September. A celebratory compilation of original songs played throught the last 20 years but never before recorded.

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