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BRUTAL SPHINCTER (BE) – POOlitical Goregrind


Brutal Sphincter is a “POOlitical” goregrind band mainly based in liège (Belgium) since 2012-2013. Through our latest release called “AnalHu Akbar”, we are approaching political, cultural and society facts with an off-beat humor. This album is melting a modern approach of goregrind with a good blend of old school goregrind. With this album Brutal Sphincter are turning a new page and try to bring political, society / cultural / traditionnal facts for the first time into GoreGrind. Let’s clarifiy some stuffs, we are against : ultra nationalism, racism, ultra communism, sexism, ultra feminism (SJW, etc), unique way of thinking, radical islamism (or any other religions), etc. To be clear, Brutal Sphincter is against all forms of extremism!” Highly recommended for fans of : Rectal Smegma, Ahumado Granujo, Gut, Nuclear Vomit and SPASM!






REINCARNATION (SP) – Twisted Brutal Death Metal

REINCARNATION is a band from Almeria, Spain, created in 1993 by the brothers Javi and Pedro with Simón asd Tijeras who started the band. During all these years, the band has stopped and changed a few times. in Spain they are pioneers of the Old School American Brutal Death along with Uncreation. Their influences are bands like Skeleton of God, Suffocation, Pyrexia, Internal Bleeding or Incantation.
In the 90’s they offered us “Seed of Hate” and the album “Void”. Lately, they released “The Beginning of the End” and “Eternal Hymns” which was released in June 2018 by Base Record.



lead-coffin-2LEAD COFFIN (SP) – Grind/Punk

Lead coffin is a spanish grind-punk band formed in 2014. Ever since, they´ve recorded 4 Ep´s and one LP : “Aquí mueren los chivatos”(2015), a three songs split with the spanish band Rencor (2016), “Contra el eje del mal” (2016), “Donde las garrapatas reclaman su tributo” (2017) and the compilation LP “En ataud de plomo” (2018), including a remix of the first demo songs, as well as the rest of the EPs. Now the band is recording a new EP with lyrics based in the work of Spanish poet Gloria Fuertes.

The EP´s deal with a variety of topics like the 80s Spanish crime movies (Aquí mueren los chivatos), recently deceased Spanish prominent people (with Rencor), and political, musical and religious situation in Spain (Contra el eje del mal).

With different musical influences between their members, their music consists on a grind-punk blending, with two well differentiated vocal styles  (Juan, lead vocals and Gzú, bass and lead vocals). Rest of band members are Migue (Guitar) and Longo (drums).




undersave-2UNDERSAVE (PT) – Death Metal

 UNDERSAVE is a Death Metal band from Lisbon (Portugal). The band started as a three piece in 2004 with Nuno Braz doing guitars and vocals, João Nascimento on the second guitar and Gonçalo Neves on the drums.

The first demo was recorded in 2005 at Garagem 22 studios in Almada with Paulo Vieira (The Firstborn, Namek, Midnight Priest, Alkateya, Pussyvibes, etc). “Domestication of the Human Race” was the name of the demo, and was self-released in 2005 on CD-R.

After hundreds of rehearsals and some gigs, appeared five new songs that formed the EP “After the Domestication Comes The Manipulation” [2008]. It was recorded, mixed and mastered at Brugo Sound Studios with Hugo Camarinha (Bleeding Display, Theriomorphic, Decayed, etc). The band once again released it, this time on a professional format. Before the live promotion of the EP, André Pisco (bassplayer) joins Undersave.

After some gigs, Gonçalo Neves left and Hugo Pote replaced him on the drums. After several shows in Portugal promoting the new EP, André Pisco and João Nascimento left the band.

In 2011, after 1 year of composition, Undersave began the recording of the debut full-length again with Paulo Vieira at Brugo Sound Studios and Mosphit Studios. The debut album, named “Now…Submit your Flesh to the Master’s Imagination” come to light in 2012 and an intense live promotion followed.

After some shows with only 2 members, in 2012 a new guitar player, Daniel Pereira, joined the band, followed by Diogo Almeida, who entered in 2013 to handle the bass. Then again, the following year (2014) brought new changes on the line-up: Diogo and Daniel decided to follow a different path, and two new members replaced them, João Jacinto on the guitars and Renato Laia on the bass.

But the constant line-up changes did not stop there: in 2015 it was time for the long-time drummer of the band, Hugo Pote, to decide quit the project. After a few months of searching for a new drummer, Pedro Pereira joined the band.

It was assembled the group that soon would record the album that was to follow “Now… Submit Your Flesh (…)”. With much of the composition of the songs taking place during the mentioned changes in the band, and after several rehearsals with the new formation, the band went to studio in 2017, joining efforts again with producer Paulo Vieira for the recording of the second album of originals “Sadistic Iterations: Tales of Mental Rearrangement”.

The album, which is completely recorded and mastered, still waits for a label and plans are to release it in the near future.




BIOLENCE (PT) – Old School Thrash/Death Metal

Biolence is a Thrash/Death Metal band from Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal whose main music influence relies on the late 80’s and early 90´s metal scene.

 Founded in 1998 by César C., Dani D. and Pedro S., they soon began working in their first Demo with their homonym name “Biolence”, which took place in 2004 between several live shows.

 Due to significant changes in band’s structure and sounding through the years, only in 2010 Biolence was able to record their first EP called “Melodic Thrashing Mayhem” and spread the word through the world.

 In 2015, after spending some years searching for a permanent drummer, Afonso R. (Pitch Black, Meu General, Gates of Hell) joined César C. – Vocals/Guitar (Unfleshed); David P. – Guitar (Unfleshed, Ex. Agonizing Terror) and Marco S. – Bass (Pitch Black, Dementia 13) to create and produce the first album “Violent Non Conformity” which was released in September 2017 through Firecum Records.

 In 2018, for the 20th anniversary, the second album “Violent Exhumation” was recorded and released in September. A celebratory compilation of original songs played throught the last 20 years but never before recorded.




DIVINE RUIN (PT) – Death/Thrash Metal

Os Divine Ruin são uma banda de Death\Thrash metal covilhanense formada em finais de 2017 nascida das cinzas dos Gargvla.

Um quarteto formado por Joey Prazeres na voz e no baixo, João Afonso e António Matos nas guitarras e Guilherme Poeta na bateria.

Apresentam um espectáculo cheio de energia onde a música rápida dita o ritmo do mosh deixando sempre espaço para explorar vários estilos.





FERMENTO (SP) – Death/Brutal Death Metal

Fermento was formed in 1991 when two pals, Kike and Jose joined up with Robert to make an extreme band. Soon another Viking bassist and a rhythm guitar named Cesar joined us for our first recording “Only the flesh” which was a single with two songs that came out in 1992. A year later we recorded two tracks that were also used for a compilation called “Dead Flesh” where it clearly defined us as brutal death. In 1994 another new drummer, Tony, joined us and we released another demo “Fervor of the impure”. In 1995 a live demo was released and in 1996 a new demo called “The Shining” that was the prelude to the first album / cd “Symbols of Decrepitude, Symbols of Supremacy” that came out a year later in 1997 when we had a new drummer called Fernando and a bassist named Rubén who essentially played on the tours of those years. In the year 1999 Robert changed residence to Ourense and got a new formation in 2002 with Nuno on drums, the following year Franco joined in the guitar and in 2004 Insignia was recorded, the second album of the band, then Isaac and Julio and that is the formation until 2007 when Sonia enters as a new drummer and this line-up is consolidated as the most stable for about 10 years during which the third album “Recipe for Cremation” is recorded in 2009. In 2017 Alvaro enters as a new drummer and we started to compose the new cd. Fermento has played with well-known bands such as Incantation, Arkhon Infaustus, Rotting Christ, Blood, Pungent Stench, Prostitute Disfigurement, Extreme Noise Terror among many others.




BESTA (PT) – Crust/Grind

“Bad Brains & Napalm Death = Besta”

 Escaping from the dark places in the imagination, Portuguese hellions BESTA take inspiration from horror movies and blend them into a frantic, feedback-laden mash-up of punk-rock and old school grindcore.

 With 9 confrontational releases since 2012, and shows alongside Eyehategod, Napalm Death, Cattle Decapitation, Mob 47, Cryptopsy, Possessed, Massgrave, Deathrite, Obituary, Mantar or Conan to name a few. Touring between Europe and South America and solid apperances on festivals such as Obscene Extreme or Resurrection Fest.

 Fueled with a large dose of orthodox punk and grindcore, always with their own creative vein on top of every tune they deliver, with a political axe to grind, shouted on their native Portuguese tongue.

 BESTA features members of Sinistro (Season Of Mist) and Redemptus.




TERROR EMPIRE (PT) – Thrash Metal

2017 sets the release of the Terror Empire album “Obscurity Rising” (Mosher Records), in which the always-present political tone goes up a notch, and the result is a crushing record blending thrash metal hooks with death metal blast beats and vocals that should keep you in your toes for almost 40 minutes. Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by the drummer João Dourado in his Golden Jack Studios in Coimbra, “Obscurity Rising” sounds as massive as a modern metal album should sound like, nowadays.

Terror Empire is a thrash metal band from Coimbra, Portugal, formed in 2009. Inspired by the great thrash metal bands of the eighties and some of the old-school death metal bands from the nineties, the band manages to create a unique corrosive approach to their sonic attack. Since the release of the EP “Face the Terror” in 2012, the band has played live non-stop in Portugal and abroad, sharing the stage with many great bands in clubs and festivals. In 2015, Terror Empire released “The Empire Strikes Black” (Nordavind Records), which was very well received by reviewers and metal fans all over the globe.




DALLIAN (PT) – Progressive Death metal/Symphonic

From the alchemical merging of “Metal” music and the aesthetics of “Steampunk”, an unlikely synthesis is born, giving rise to “Dallian”, a band hoping to fill a void in this still very underexplored fusion.

 Rising in 2017 from the centre of Portugal, in the small city of Leiria,

Dallian is a band with roots on a solid background of modern Death Metal with added virtuosity of symphonic elements, all arranged in progressive dynamics.

“I really appreciate the complexity and textures you can get from using orchestral elements.” Explains Carlos, “This larger sound pallet adds more depth to the chord progressions. We didn´t limit ourselves to the orchestra standard too, implementing also more obscure, less common traditional instruments from several different cultures, which contributes to the exotic feel of our work. “

 Aesthetics contribute a lot to the overall sound of the band, elevating it with a grittier, darker form of steampunk. Thus, this concept not only lets our music’s sonic qualities shine through, but also its lyrical contents, which rely on the occult, spirituality, internal human conflict and human enlightenment typical of the Victorian era.

 “It is very story driven. “Emphasises Carlos, “Most of our lyrical content relies very heavily in a story telling element. The emphasis is mainly on the bleaker side of a steampunk society, instead of a more mainstream “glamorous” approach on this fictional setting.”

 It is exactly that motif we find painted on the canvas of the group´s debut album “Automata”. An one hour epic, due to release 25th May, 2018, thus setting in motion the band´s inaugural national tour at full steam!

 “We also rely on the psychology of the filthy greed of the human being, representing it visually as a pig and his gluttony, a metaphor in a context of political world domination. However…” Carlos pauses reflective, before he resumes “…there is always a silver lining to counter balance such darkness, thus resulting in an allegory of the human condition, a deconstruct of norms, human nature and, in essence, duality.”

 “All of this is Dallian.”